How many people do you know who expect returns without any investment? Right now I don’t talk about share market or investment returns. I speak about people who contributed nothing to achieve success but expect the universe to send send it for free.

I believe that in life dream is free but hustle sold separately. It’s quite commonly used phrase but in the same time represents perfect illustration of the situation.

Countless books, coaching classes, videos, present success as a wish (believe and it will happen). If I’m not mistaken it’s called visualization. I have nothing against visualization until it’s paired with smart work towards goal. But have many people actually work towards dreams? Not that many. Most of people just complain about their laziness, low income, bad physical health, failed dreams, family problems, etc. This situation reminds old Russian joke:

Middle-aged man in bus complain: bad wife, kids don’t listen, boss behave as a donkey, no money..etc. An Angel writes down all his complaints . And said to the man “every day you wish the same, and I fulfilled your wishes”. “That’s my job”

Visualization have to be as a part of goal. And goals have to be written down and divided into small & realistic tasks. Also you should keep your goals to yourself. Every task must be fulfilled without searching reasons to postpone it.

Only if you are persistent and committed you can expect returns on your work as an investment.

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One thought on “To sea a return you must first invest”
  1. I agree with you. I think visualization can be useful to some people as a motivation tool to work on their goals but visualization alone won’t bring the expected success.

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