To sea a return you must first invest

How many people do you know who expect returns without any investment? Right now I don’t talk about share market or investment returns. I speak about people who contributed nothing to achieve success but expect the universe to send send it for free. I believe that in life dream is free but hustle sold separately. […]


Micro productivity concept

Micro productivity is a life changing strategy of fulfilling small task every day for preselected time period. It’s not a new concept but rarely anyone stick to it. Why? Let’s find out. Productivity goes against of laziness and we love to be lazy. There’s nothing bad in occasional laziness but it stops us from achieving […]

How to brake big goal into small tasks

Big goals overwhelming us. It seems unreachable. It seems that only selected talented humans can fulfill impossible. But let’s take a look how to break big goal into small & manageable & achievable pieces. In most cases it’s called micro productivity but I prefer to describe it by old joke “How to eat an elephant? […]