Sneakers made from coffee

Shoes made from coffee and plastic? Yes, now it’s reality!!! I can hear your question: how it’s possible? The process: coffee ground infused into plastic pallets (plastic bottles recycling) and mixture spinned into a polymer yarn; yarn is knighted on a waterproof membrane. Unique process that provide impressive results. No one likes to compromise, and […]


Top 10 companies by market capitalisation

Market capitalisation is one of the best way to value the company that publicly traded. But market capitalisation could be manipulated (there’s many way to do it). The basics of market capitalisation Market capitalisation of company = price per share * number of outstanding shares. Here’s list of top 10 companies by market cap (July […]

What is market capitalisation?

Company’s market capitalisation (market cap) represents value of publicly traded outstanding shares ☓ share price. It’s easier than you think. Here’s a few examples. Market capitalisation is a game where buyers (investors) believe that company shares will cost more in future. If prediction is right then decent profits could be made. But when prediction is […]

Why females use fake nails?

Fake nails became mainstream. Why? Because low income females waste their hard earn money & saloons make females believe that necessary to have. Nothing personal, just business. Well maintained nails it’s must have but over-the-top designs it’s too much. Fake nails (call it the way you want) is a sign of poverty. In my home […]

Nothing is guaranteed in your life

How to f*ck up your life? One of the simplest way is to expect guarantees in life. Sounds quite paradoxical. In life stable is only death. Everything else depends on random (sometimes not random) situations, luck and choice. But when people expect to achieve the success without working towards it? In this situation (more common […]

Microsoft closed all physical stores

A few days ago Microsoft Corp announced about new approach to retail business. Total 83 of Microsoft Store physical locations will be closed and company will be focused on it’s digital storefronts. Because of this news , shares of Microsoft fell 2% and it will result in pre-tax charge of approximately $450 million (primarily asset […]

Central Bank of Brazil suspended payment services by WhatsApp

Brazil’s Central Bank has suspended payment service by WhatsApp just one week after it’s launch. For Facebook (parent company) central bank’s decision was unexpected. Here’s central bank’s explanation: “to preserve an adequate competitive environment” and “ensure functioning of a payment system that’s interchangeable, fast, secure, transparent, open and cheap”. By all this comprehensive phrases Central […]

Why incompetent people overestimate themselves? The Dunning-Kruger effect

According to Dunning-Kruger effect people unable to recognize own incompetence and overestimate how smart they are. This is cognitive biases (systematic error in thinking). Incompetent people don’t understand how much incompetent they are. As result they rank themselves above average but in really their knowledge is below average. And vice versa. Competent people rank themselves […]

Cactus leather as alternative to animals leather

Have you ever heard about cactus leather? Yeah, I’ve been suprised to find out about leather made from cactus. Two creative Mexican farmers have developed a durable vegan leather that cruelty free and could replace animal leather. Cactus leather is sustainable product with a lower carbon footprint that animal leather. Naturally cactus grow in deserted […]

The Diderot effect

We want things we don’t need. As result we buy things we don’t need. It’s called The Diderot effect (famous French philosopher). Denis Diderot spend his entire life in poverty and only when he was 52 years old he got money from Catherine the Great (the Empress of Russian Empire) for sale of his library […]

Money can buy happiness

I used to believe in exactly opposite phrase “money can’t buy happiness”. But wisdom come with age and I find out that most of my problems (like 99%) could be solved by spending money on it. So now I’m more concentrated to pick up set of skills to earn more and solve problems in monetary […]

Global e-commerce sales growth in 2020

Online shopping? Yes, please! I can’t imagine my life without Amazon & Flipkart. But I remember those days when I was not aware of online shopping. It was in my small town in Ukraine. In used to believe that online shopping is not reliable until I first time received parcel from e-commerce giant. After global […]

Projected GDP growth of India

According to S&P global rating economy of India will shrink 5% in current fiscal year, despite economic stimulus package announced by government. All sectors of Indian economy affected and 1.2% of direct stimulus package will not be enough to ensure GDP growth in current year. Another 8.8% of the stimulus package gonna provide liquidity support […]

Instagram popularity reduced. Here’s why?

I used to be obsessed with Instagram. But not anymore. Here’s top reasons why Instagram popularity dropped significantly over last two years. Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, customers preferences changed. But Instagram now more like an add on platform for influencers to post sponsored images. Feels like almost all feed is […]

How to measure current global uncertainty?

Global economic policy uncertainty at record high , since index to measure it created in 2005. I think we all know that covid19 triggered global recession and economic situation became major challenge for policymakers. But there’s plenty of other global problems that are not in limelight. On chart presented Global, European and US graph that […]