There’s is little that is unique or special about your problems.

Rarely any problem is unique problem. On most cases other already faced your problem and already shared solution online. Don’t overcomplicate your problems by thinking that’s unique problems. Just Google it. Thanks, please follow my blog. Advertisements


Oversupply of jet fuel

According to Bloomberg report only 20% (about 50 million barrels) of land storage for jet fuel is available. This is a result of grounded planes in many countries because of coronavirus pandemic. A few main oil production countries created demand and supply disbalance. Demand and supply of jet fuel used to be balanced until flights […]

Priorities of life

We life in fast paced life and sometimes forget what’s important truly for us. For everyone priorities look different but most of the time include 6 main spheres of humans life: Profession then generate income and hobby for soul. Family. Health. Social life. Self development. Interesting and fulfilling life. This list looks quite simple but […]

Number 1 rule in life

It’s so hard to change yourself and do not worry what other think about you. Since childhood we are depending on other’s opinion. And in result we learn to suppress own opinion and action because it may make someone unhappy. In my believe that the best rule in life should sound “F*ck what they think”. […]

How to stop waiting for right moment

What do you know about the concept of “waiting for the right moment”? I think you got many advices like this. You make right moment by your action and you should not schedule your life achievements for later (later moment may not come). There’s a few simple ways how to get things done fast: If […]

It’s never easy to achieve success.

For me success looked extremely different when I’ve been 18 years old. Now, after 10 years success for me feels like something achievable. Not easy but achievable. In last 10 years I gained believe in myself and that I can be the best version of myself. I know that my blog predominantly motivational blog. Sometimes […]

The modern face of fraud

Fraudsters discovered an enormous financial value in customers accounts. That who seek illegal profits involved and adopted (sometimes created new ways) various fraud tactics. This article based on study done by Source Media Research & Payment Source, on behalf of Accertify Inc (wholly owned subsidiary of American Express). For a few decades credit card fraud […]