Why imposter syndrome reaper before period?

Today I want to discuss quite unusual topic. How imposter syndrome reaper before this special days (I mean period)

The imposter syndrome is more common among ladies because we are more emotional. And for us it’s harder to control the imposter syndrome because of every month hormonal changes. But there’s a few ways how to learn to fight it successfully.

  1. Learn to recognize first sings of it (feeling low, questioning yourself, doubts, low self-esteem, feeling like you didn’t deserve to have what you have).
  2. Don’t allow the imposter thoughts to spoil your mood. Even if you truly feel like you are nothing in life.
  3. On every negative thought (just in moment when it’s appear in your mind) do a few push ups. You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll give up your imposter thoughts when you do exercise.
  4. If you still feel like crying than keep 11 minutes timer. After 11 minutes back to regular life.
  5. Remember that imposter thoughts are not real. That’s the reality of highly qualified people.
  6. Eat nuts and food high in omega fatty acids to keep yourself in better mood through challenging times

I know that imposter syndrome is hard but you must continue to fight until you win.

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How to write weekly content in 90 minutes?

Recently I’ve started a practice to write WordPress stories content for entire week (7 stories) on Monday. I dedicate 90 minutes to complete the task. So, now I don’t need to worry that I may forget to post on my blog. Every morning at 9:00 new WordPress story published.

I didn’t expect that it will be so easy to write all stories in bulk and schedule it for 9AM.

How do you manage to write your content? If you would like, you can give me suggestions on how to optimize content creation.

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Today I’ve completed one year of everyday blogging

I still can’t believe but I’ve managed to follow my commitment about blogging every day. It’s one year anniversary. I’ve posted minimum one blog post per day, sometimes up to three blog posts per day.

That one year commitment was hard for me. I started with disbelief that I can make it. But after one month it’s became easier. After six months that became a habit. Now, after one year, I feel sooooo proud of myself. Also thanks everyone who’s reading me.

After one year I feel that I want to have my own website outside of WordPress too. Hopefully in two months I’ll be able to invite you all to my upcoming website. It will take quite sometime to make that website because I do coding for last 7 months only (not that impressive).

Have you tried one year commitment? If yes, let me know your resuls. If not, will you accept the challenge?

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Why I hide my success as well as my identity

Since my high school time I hide almost everything about myself (what I do, where I live, my personal life, income, achievements, etc). Why? Here’s all answers.

People are jealous. And I don’t want anyone to know that I’m not anymore that poor girl. I’ve grown up by taking a lot of risk and that’s paid off. Obviously my parents sometimes accidentally meet parent of my classmates. They don’t know about me anything except what my mom tell to everyone. On question what I do my mom always tell “she sits at home”. So people assume that I’m nothing and not interested in me anymore. For question “Did she get married?” answer always “I don’t want to discuss about it”. So, they assume that my personal life in complete mess. On question “Did she find the job?” answer always “She’s trying to work online”.

With this type of information people don’t feel interested in me. Who wants to know more about looser who sits at home and with messed up personal life? No one. And this is exactly what I need.

I don’t interact with people from my past (because past must stay in past). I don’t feel need to prove that I’m successful one. I just don’t need it.

What about you? Do you share about your achievements?

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The honest WordPress blog statistics for 2020

Here’s statistics from my blog for 2020. I started blog in December 2018 and I didn’t take seriously blogging until start of 2020. I have business plan since 2019.

On my blog displayed some ads but I’ve earned on that $2 since the inception.

If you have ideas on how to grow blog faster and achieve monetization, please let me know.

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Why I don’t own a credit card?

Since I remember myself my family always struggled financially. But I learn first to earn money and only after spend it. Not opposite. Credit card create illusion that you have more money than you actually have.

In western culture it’s part of everyday life to use credit card as debit card. And it’s became a way of life for majority of working class in US and other developed countries.

When someone buys an item with cash, they immediately know how much that item cost, which can be painful. However, when someone pays with a credit card, there is a time period between when they purchase the item and when they have to pay for it, which makes the cost seem less important, according to Psychology Today.

Forbes magazine

Companies that operate credit card business provide a lot if perks for customers. But free cheese only in mouth trap (points, miles, cash back, discounts, etc). For companies your perks it’s expense balance sheet and they know how to do business in profitable way (obviously profitable for them).

For purpose of writing this article I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube by people who mastered the use of credit cards. And there’s a catch. Who don’t want free flight tickets on sing up and after spend $3k in one month? Almost everyone fall for it.

For example in India American Express calculate monthly percentage rate in next way. Any unpaid balance carried over to the next payment cycle gets levied Monthly Percentage Rate. If credit card has MPR of 35% than daily interest rate will be 1.15%. You read it right! That’s come to 419.75% per year. This is how most people will understand. But that’s simple interest rate. On credit card there’s compound interest rate. This is the reason for such an attractive signed up bonus and other doubtful perks.

Formula to calculate daily compound interest

American Express India charge annual fees (maintenance charge). Higher fees = more benefits. American Express Platinum Reserve charge ₹5000 + taxes in the first year and ₹10000 + taxes from the second year onwards.

Honestly ₹60000 + ₹5000 + taxes that’s quite a lot. For that money you can buy flight tickets and visit golf club (who play golf now?) and visit airport lounge without owning the card.

Credit card operators done a lot of work to present card as status symbol. But is it? Can you consider someone wealthy who spend on credit? I don’t think so.

Think twice before falling in trap of credit card debt.

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