How to write weekly content in 90 minutes?

Recently I’ve started a practice to write WordPress stories content for entire week (7 stories) on Monday. I dedicate 90 minutes to complete the task. So, now I don’t need to worry that I may forget to post on my blog. Every morning at 9:00 new WordPress story published.

I didn’t expect that it will be so easy to write all stories in bulk and schedule it for 9AM.

How do you manage to write your content? If you would like, you can give me suggestions on how to optimize content creation.

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Why I hide my success as well as my identity

Since my high school time I hide almost everything about myself (what I do, where I live, my personal life, income, achievements, etc). Why? Here’s all answers.

People are jealous. And I don’t want anyone to know that I’m not anymore that poor girl. I’ve grown up by taking a lot of risk and that’s paid off. Obviously my parents sometimes accidentally meet parent of my classmates. They don’t know about me anything except what my mom tell to everyone. On question what I do my mom always tell “she sits at home”. So people assume that I’m nothing and not interested in me anymore. For question “Did she get married?” answer always “I don’t want to discuss about it”. So, they assume that my personal life in complete mess. On question “Did she find the job?” answer always “She’s trying to work online”.

With this type of information people don’t feel interested in me. Who wants to know more about looser who sits at home and with messed up personal life? No one. And this is exactly what I need.

I don’t interact with people from my past (because past must stay in past). I don’t feel need to prove that I’m successful one. I just don’t need it.

What about you? Do you share about your achievements?

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The honest WordPress blog statistics for 2020

Here’s statistics from my blog for 2020. I started blog in December 2018 and I didn’t take seriously blogging until start of 2020. I have business plan since 2019.

On my blog displayed some ads but I’ve earned on that $2 since the inception.

If you have ideas on how to grow blog faster and achieve monetization, please let me know.

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Why do we use emojis so much?

Can you imagine online communication without using emojis? I can’t. Emojis became the essential part of everyday communication and when I receive message without emojis I feel it’s too serious.

Emojis (“picture characters”) originated from the Japan. In 1997 it was added on Japanese mobile phones. The word emoji comes from the Japanese  (e ≅ picture) +  (moji ≅ written character). Currently Unicode Consortium (check their website) is responsible for maintaining emojis upto the date and adding new emojis. Anyone can submit a proposal for an emoji character.

Emojis and emoticons are not the same. The most popular emoticons are 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 (“)(-_-)(“). Now emoticons are still in use but emojis are more versatile. Also emojis and pictographs are not the same. Pictograph is a symbol (U+26E8 ⛨ BLACK CROSS ON SHIELD).

The most popular emojis according to are 😂, ❤️, 😭, 😊 and emoji with heart in eyes. For some selected emojis available 5 skin tones to represent the need of diversity. Every year no more than 70 characters are added.

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30 tips for successful blog

Blogging is new way to express thought and build career. Every big journey starts from small step:

  1. Register blog.
  2. Choose domain name.
  3. Pay for self hosting. You can run blog ads & make money on it.
  4. Choose advanced theme (blog appearance)
  5. Play with colors, text, hashtags, widgets. Create best looking blog for yourself.
  6. Make sure theme looks great on desktop, tablet, phone.
  7. Make first blog post. Don’t worry if first post in average quality. You will write better soon.
  8. Ask friends and family members to follow blog.
  9. Write short articles. No one read long and boring abstract articles. Remember that readers loose attention fast. Don’t waste your time to make academic writing.
  10. “F” shaped reading pattern.
  11. Keep clean and simple blog.
  12. Before posting any content check grammar and spelling (online free check)
  13. Trim unneeded words.
  14. Article headline most important.
  15. One article = one topic.
  16. Use quotes.
  17. Use calendar widget for blog. Choose days and time when next article will be posted. Great tool to engage customers.
  18. Think what potential readers would like to read. Post question in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  19. Ask readers to follow and leave comments with ideas for next blog posts.
  20. Build e-mail list.
  21. If you can’t write some article than pay a few dollars for ghost writer.
  22. Ask friends, colleagues and followers to write for you.
  23. Your blog has to deliver value to life of readers.
  24. Remember that around 80% of people gonna read only headline.
  25. For every post make new featured picture.
  26. Insert links to previous blog posts to make reader spend more time on your webpage.
  27. Text from blog post could be used for your other social media.
  28. Make events, give away regularly.
  29. Use correct keywords to optimize search engine.
  30. Monetize on blog.

A lot of work needed to grow blog but it’s totally worth of it. In own blog you can choose what & when write. You are independent and responsible for end results.

Please follow and leave comments with ideas for next articles. Thanks.