If u aim for nothing, u’ll hit it every time

I never planed in advance until I started self employment when I’ve been 19 yo. Since that time I’ve learned gradually that planing & working towards goals will bring success in life. If you have no plans than how can you achieve something? That’s impossible, you must know what you want. In next article I’ll […]


The key to success is to start before you are ready.

How many time have you heard this phrase? But truth that most people wait perfect moment (won’t come) or moment when their set of knowledge is completed. Secret of success is to start before you are ready. For example when I started writing for blog I wrote with hundred mistakes per blog. I did not […]

Tough times don’t last long

When tough time comes it seems like forever. But in most cases it’s short but overthinking make it last long. As a humans we fall in trap of overthinking & overreacting. And problems seems biggest than ever before. In article below you can read about difference between intuition and overthinking. https://my-financial-wealth.com/2019/08/30/the-difference-between-intuition-and-overthinking/ Thanks, please follow my […]

Whatever choice u make makes u. Because of this choose wisely.

Every day we have choice what to do and what to achieve (or not to achieve). Most of people choose procrastination over anything else but expect things happen by itself. In life almost everyone get what she/he works for. Some people blessed with more opportunities because of privileged family or rich birth country. But rarely […]

Your perception is your reality

We shape our lifes by ourselves. If person believes that can achieve nothing than it’s true. If person believe that can achieve a lot by smart work than it’s also true. Thanks, please follow by blog and share your thoughts.

Muhurat trading session

In India on Diwali there’s special trading hour called Muhurat. As Diwali on Sunday (today) stock market will be open for one hour from 18:15-19:15. Here’s a brief explanation of this legendary trading session. Every year National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) conduct a special trading session because of religious beliefs. Muhurat […]

Facebook energy and water sustainability

In order to run Facebook servers needed a lot of energy…100% renewable energy. Yes, all servers powered by renewable energy sources and it also 80% more water efficient than normal data center. In 2018 company saved 5.7 billion litters of water by using water efficient technology. Facebook accounts for approximately 20% of global corporate renewable […]

Perfect workweek meme

Most interesting that I absolutely love Monday because stock market opening after weekend. But when I used to work in office I used to hate any day between Monday to Friday. Now everything changed because I do in life what I like the most. Thanks, please follow my blog. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadiia-g-54664816b/

Perfect time to wake up every morning with a purpose

Every morning you decide what you do: alarm snooze button or wake up and make your dreams come true. I know that it sounds like a cliche but it’s 100% truth. Wake up time depends on your schedule and there’s no miracly the best time to wake up. Most of motivation gurus tell that early […]

Be brave enough to be bad at something new

We afraid failures, also we afraid of being bad at something new. This feeling stop from achieving goals because it limit own believe of self greatness. When I started my blog I was afraid to write because of grammar mistakes (I’m not a navite speaker). I felt that no one will read my blog after […]

What’s inside the purse? (guest article)

Psychological reason for using bag is first reason for women. Women always carry something in hands. If hands empty than she feels like something important is missing. Also we should not forget that handbag at work will be different from evening clutch or from handbag of new mom with baby. What’s inside the handbag even […]

Micro productivity concept

Micro productivity is a life changing strategy of fulfilling small task every day for preselected time period. It’s not a new concept but rarely anyone stick to it. Why? Let’s find out. Productivity goes against of laziness and we love to be lazy. There’s nothing bad in occasional laziness but it stops us from achieving […]

How to brake big goal into small tasks

Big goals overwhelming us. It seems unreachable. It seems that only selected talented humans can fulfill impossible. But let’s take a look how to break big goal into small & manageable & achievable pieces. In most cases it’s called micro productivity but I prefer to describe it by old joke “How to eat an elephant? […]

You get what you work for

Big goals is easy to reach only if small steps done every day. It’s like in a old joke How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece. Similarly it’s make a sense to divide big task into many small tasks. Big goals seems unachievable until it’s broken into small pieces and written down in daily […]

Do NOT wake up at 5 am! Here’s why.

Plead don’t follow advice like “wake up at 5 am and start your day from killing workout”. It’s horrible idea. Let me explain why. Entire industry build on making people believe that 5am (even 4 am) wake up time will make you rich and successful faster. If you are not productive when wake up at […]

Women’s education for women’s empowerment

When females are less educated that creates men’s society (aka “this is the men’s world”). Men were taking advantage of this situation for centuries. Even now in 2019 research data shown that: Women studied fewer years in school. Fewer females study in the universities (colleges). Fewer females are studying math, chemistry, IT, physics, etc. In […]