Gender inequality in financial services

Gender equality does not exist and movement against it is too slow. Women customers served same financial products as for men. According to the research in US at least $700 billion revenue opportunity for tailored financial products to female buyers’ needs. Gender inequality comes as a tradition, in all times men were rulers and money […]


Women’s education for women’s empowerment

When females are less educated that creates men’s society (aka “this is the men’s world”). Men were taking advantage of this situation for centuries. Even now in 2019 research data shown that: Women studied fewer years in school. Fewer females study in the universities (colleges). Fewer females are studying math, chemistry, IT, physics, etc. In […]

Women and wealth: from material girl to self-made women

Womens’ share of wealth about 40% of global household wealth but depends on country, religion, education, etc. Investment portfolio looks different for men and women. Women are less likely to hold risky investments because women take more serious family’s financial needs. Women prefer to investment in non-financial assets because it provide more stability, and stability […]