Ethical veganism protection by law

Please check my new video about protection of ethical veganism. Original article for YouTube video: Vegans are protected from discrimination by UK court Advertisements


Vegan fur by Apparis

Vegan fur? Yeeessss! I absolutely adore recent trend for using synthetic fur instead of real fur. I got interested in Apparis vegan fur coats because of mind-blowing colors (it’s not sponsored post). Here’s more details about vegan fur and it’s future. Brand established by two friends who wanted to make an impact. For that Apparis […]

Vegan milk

A few days ago I wrote about vegan flora based proteins (whey and casein) that are identical to cow’s milk proteins. Here’s my YouTube video about the same topic. Hopeful you will like it. Thanks, please follow my blog and YouTube channel.

Plant-based meat as a business by Beyond Meat

Plant-based meat company revolutionizing the traditional food market. The Beyond Meat food scientists build meat from plants which taste & look similar to traditional meat. Company’s products targeted not only to vegetarians but also to meat eaters who wish to explore entirely new food palette. I’m living in India which ranked №1 in the world […]

Vegan eggs vs chicken eggs

Eggless eggs it’s a new hot trend. Manufacturers making a lot of money of vegan movement. But is it worth of purchase? I think not. Here’s why. Eggs are loaded with nutrients and high in protein (13 grams per 100 grams). All vegans will cream that eggs are high in cholesterol but high-density lipoprotein is […]

Meatless meat burgers by Beyond Meat Inc

I’m proud carnivore but meatless plant based burger patties caught my attention. I’ve never thought that it’s possible to make product which feels like meat but actually plant based. Company well marketed from emotional side “save the planet with our plant based protein” but their financial data not that inspiring. All financial data in this […]