Wealth migration and best countries for relocation

Wealthy people learned how to protect their wealth. Different strategies used but main one is relocation to safer place. (financially, personally, religiously) Global wealth migration is not new practice but now more common. Classification by net worth: Mass affluent: $100.000 – $1.000.000. Millionaire (high net worth individuals): more than $1.000.000. Multi-millionaire: more than $10.000.000. Billionaires: […]


Negative Interest Rates Policy with examples

Need GDP growth? Make people addicted to shopping and saving less. Why? Because it’s the way how modern economy work. The GDP growth rate could not be achieved if citizens (tourists) don’t spend money. In last a few years interesting GDP growth stimulation used: negative interest rate policy. That means depositors must pay a fixed […]

What is USA national emergency?

Declaration of national emergency is more common than we think. First of all it’s extraordinary situation which sharply increase power of The President. Regulated by National Emergency Act (1976). On February 15 2019 new emergency declared by Mr Trump who surprised the world. But let’s take a look into history of emergency declaring (data from […]