The Colombo stock exchange opened after 7 weeks.

Sri Lanka’s stock market opened for trading and closed after first 38 seconds. What’s so special about this? The Colombo Stock Exchange was closed for 7 weeks amid financial instability and economic slowdown (coronavirus effect on tourism industry). The Colombo Stock Exchange’s S&P SL 20 index fell 10% on opening (during 38 seconds), crashing through […]


Hypnosis for traders scam

Recently I came across “Hypnosis for traders” and was surprised that it’s even exist. There’s plenty of modern day psychologists (real and fake) that sell lie in form of hypnosis for traders. Fake gurus claim that by a few session of hypnosis right mindset of successful trader could be achieved (no guarantees whatsoever). Limiting believes […]

Muhurat trading session

In India on Diwali there’s special trading hour called Muhurat. As Diwali on Sunday (today) stock market will be open for one hour from 18:15-19:15. Here’s a brief explanation of this legendary trading session. Every year National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) conduct a special trading session because of religious beliefs. Muhurat […]