First they tell u to be yourself, than they judge u

That’s a reality of living in society. People will always judge you on base of their limitations. If you are more successful, than you will get enormous amount of hate & jealousy. There’s always will be people who gonna tell you that you don’t meet their expectations. But, hey, it’s their expectations. Your life should […]


Whatever choice u make makes u. Because of this choose wisely.

Every day we have choice what to do and what to achieve (or not to achieve). Most of people choose procrastination over anything else but expect things happen by itself. In life almost everyone get what she/he works for. Some people blessed with more opportunities because of privileged family or rich birth country. But rarely […]

Top 10 countries by number of billionaires

Data about number of billionaires varies from source to source. According to Wikipedia top 10 countries by number of billionaires: United States 585 billionaires. China 476 billionaires. India 131 billionaires. Germany 114 billionaires. Russia 96 billionaires. Hong Kong 67 billionaires. United Kingdom 64 billionaires. Brazil 43 billionaires. Italy 42 billionaires. Canada 38 billionaires. According to […]

Accept the situation and move on without overthinking

People love to overthink basic situations which will not have influence on their future. Here’s a few ways how to deal with it: Ask yourself simple question “will it matter after 1 year?” If the answer is yes than ask “will it matter in 5 years?”. Rare situation will matter to you long time. Ask […]

Women and wealth: from material girl to self-made women

Womens’ share of wealth about 40% of global household wealth but depends on country, religion, education, etc. Investment portfolio looks different for men and women. Women are less likely to hold risky investments because women take more serious family’s financial needs. Women prefer to investment in non-financial assets because it provide more stability, and stability […]

World’s wealth hierarchy

Wealth creation is one of the most controversial topics. In this article I want to show numbers & facts about wealth. There’s gonna be no emotional bla bla bla about inequality, only numbers. Article based on Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report (2018).In 20th century speed of wealth creation sharply increased due to technological revolution and […]

When minimalism became obsession

Minimalism it’s not about counting items which you own, it’s about reason & motivation. Why did you decide to own less? There’s always reason behind. Maybe you want to save money and stop useless shopping, maybe you want to spend less time for home cleaning, maybe you want to travel. For everyone minimalism looks different. […]

30 tips for successful blog

Blogging is new way to express thought and build career. Every big journey starts from small step: Register blog. Choose domain name. Pay for self hosting. You can run blog ads & make money on it. Choose advanced theme (blog appearance) Play with colors, text, hashtags, widgets. Create best looking blog for yourself. Make sure […]

Notification addiction

Internet browsing became important but not productive part of life. Biggest part of online time we spend on nonsense things which does not improve us. In order to change useless time spending we tell ourselves “no more watching YouTube or browsing Instagram”. But every time commitment fails. Why? Let’s take a look. Internet browsing is […]

How Instagram destroy your life?

Thanks to Instagram consuming of useless pictures and information became time pass (way to waste time). Instagram launched in 2010, owned by Facebook Inc. Photo and video sharing platform quickly became popular and turned into influencers businesses. Almost every new user dream to have letter “K” near followers count. As more followers as hire probability […]

What is WeWork?

WeWork is commercial real estate company that provide real and virtual shared workspace. WeWork business model revolutionized office rental strategy by providing flexible contracts. Short contracts preferred by freelancers, small & new companies. But Wework also provide office space for big companies with 50+ employees. Established in 2010 by Adam Neumann & Miguel Mckelvey. Headquarter […]

How influencers make money?

Internet overloaded with new trends which only support manufacturers. By making people spend money on useless items. Most of the trends are micro trends which last for a few months or even weeks (fast-fashion). YouTube and Instagram packed with fashion influencers. They get paid for promotional videos in which “buy more, use this coupon to […]

Benefits of self education

Self education is based on discipline and self motivation. Considered more beneficial than traditional education. Because it allows to concentrate on most interesting subject. Main benefits : Ability to find relevant information. The information available in internet is not easy to find useful data. Focus in the age of distractions. We are bombarded by useless […]

Self education as investment

Self education is the only way to long term success. Traditional school education gives foundation, university education gives chance to earn just enough to survive till next paycheck. Only self education leads to dreamed achievements & lifestyle. Demand for college education comes with big price tag , which everyone can’t pay without loan. Self education […]