TikTok banned in India. But everyone is still using it.

Recently TikTok and other 58 app was banned by Indian Government. This all came after deadly border clash in Ladakh between India and China. But banning Chinese apps it’s not the best idea. Also it’s not sustainable in long run. TikTok owned by ByteDance company and it’s their the most popular app. Yesterday TikTok was […]


Facebook Inc diversification strategy.

How much Facebook Inc share could cost? Currently price per share in $232 per share. But recently Goldman Sachs increased expected share price to $250 per share. Here’s why? Facebook Inc is a giant company that stores users’ private and public data. As we all know “data is a new gold”. Facebook knows about users […]

Instagram popularity reduced. Here’s why?

I used to be obsessed with Instagram. But not anymore. Here’s top reasons why Instagram popularity dropped significantly over last two years. Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, customers preferences changed. But Instagram now more like an add on platform for influencers to post sponsored images. Feels like almost all feed is […]

You have shorter attention span that goldfish

Motivational quotes, life quotes, news headlines, small pieces of information in social media…. Everyone is bombarded by incomplete information but almost everyone consider themselves as a knowledgeable person. In last 50 years attention span reduced a few time. Psychologists created entire writing strategy how to insure that your readers read at least a few sentences. […]

Privacy is power.

I used to share my personal photos in social media just because everyone else was doing it. After that I was checking number of likes under each picture. If number of likes was low I’ve deleted the image because I didn’t get enough appreciation (I mean likes). Because of this I developed anxiety. I constantly […]

Privacy is power

Who enjoy privacy? Only that who understand the value of it. Now to spy on someone you don’t need to ask detective to do job for you. You just need to check Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Vk, LinkedIn, Wechat, etc. People speak about privacy but post private images to get likes from unknown people. […]

How digital publishers make money?

In digital age digital publishing makes sense. Companies try to make money on online readers. Here’s how online magazines make money in digital age. Digital publishers may have or may not have printed editions. In printed magazines it’s clear how they earn. For digital publishers it’s more complicated: Subscription. Membership. Lead generation. Advertisements (web banner, […]

Instagrammable food: new era of food art

Who visit fancy restaurants without taking pictures of food on your plate? Everyone does it! It’s an opportunity to make others jealous in social media. Food presentation changed in last 10 years. Showcasing “it’s my yummy & fancy food plate” by most social media users. Suddenly food presentation appeared as art in high demand. Food […]

Social media: Fake it until- you Make it

Why do you think that social media is vital in life? Social media opinions are not yours 😉. Companies spend huge amount of money on marketing. They make you believe, life without social media is for losers. Losers have nothing to showcase to the world… That’s insane. Social media designed to be highly addictive. Hundreds […]

Why people show off?

As humans, we want to look impressive. In most cases not for ourselves, but for others. We are addicted to others opinion. Why? Let’s try to understand together. Everything starts from the need of attention: Since a baby is born, he/she will seek attention constantly. While growing up most kids are compared to other’s more […]

30 tips for successful blog

Blogging is new way to express thought and build career. Every big journey starts from small step: Register blog. Choose domain name. Pay for self hosting. You can run blog ads & make money on it. Choose advanced theme (blog appearance) Play with colors, text, hashtags, widgets. Create best looking blog for yourself. Make sure […]

How Instagram destroy your life?

Thanks to Instagram consuming of useless pictures and information became time pass (way to waste time). Instagram launched in 2010, owned by Facebook Inc. Photo and video sharing platform quickly became popular and turned into influencers businesses. Almost every new user dream to have letter “K” near followers count. As more followers as hire probability […]

Digital minimalism

Digital minimalism in the age of distractions gaining popularity. It’s not only fancy words, it’s lifestyle. Main idea is to cut down on technological destructions and retake control on online life. Phones and social media designed to keep us browsing as long as possible and as frequent as possible. What’s first thing we do on […]