Brake the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you

You decide what you do in your life. Also you decide when you do. Patterns in behavior could motivate or could destroy life. You decide. Thanks, please follow my blog. Advertisements


The key to success is to start before you are ready.

How many time have you heard this phrase? But truth that most people wait perfect moment (won’t come) or moment when their set of knowledge is completed. Secret of success is to start before you are ready. For example when I started writing for blog I wrote with hundred mistakes per blog. I did not […]

The smarter you get the less you speak

Who need thousands of words when action speak louder? Majority of population prefer talk over action because it easier. Long time ago I read article “Why people speak instead of getting sh*t done”. That was life changing moment. Why? Because human brain consider talk about goal with other people as completed task. As more people […]

Whatever choice u make makes u. Because of this choose wisely.

Every day we have choice what to do and what to achieve (or not to achieve). Most of people choose procrastination over anything else but expect things happen by itself. In life almost everyone get what she/he works for. Some people blessed with more opportunities because of privileged family or rich birth country. But rarely […]

Your perception is your reality

We shape our lifes by ourselves. If person believes that can achieve nothing than it’s true. If person believe that can achieve a lot by smart work than it’s also true. Thanks, please follow by blog and share your thoughts.

This quote is perfect.

Females are commonly underestimate themselves. But with little creativity even word “female” is more powerful that “male”. Please follow my blog and leave comments.