Plant-based meat consumption worldwide

Plant based meat industry grow at a CAGR of 15% per year. Number of vegetarians, vegans and people who cut red meat consumption increased because of widespread awareness of cruelty towards animals. Also 18% of CO2 emission comes from live stock. But worldwide real meat consumption grow because of increased demand from developing countries. Plant […]


Plant-based meat as a business by Beyond Meat

Plant-based meat company revolutionizing the traditional food market. The Beyond Meat food scientists build meat from plants which taste & look similar to traditional meat. Company’s products targeted not only to vegetarians but also to meat eaters who wish to explore entirely new food palette. I’m living in India which ranked №1 in the world […]

Meatless meat burgers by Beyond Meat Inc

I’m proud carnivore but meatless plant based burger patties caught my attention. I’ve never thought that it’s possible to make product which feels like meat but actually plant based. Company well marketed from emotional side “save the planet with our plant based protein” but their financial data not that inspiring. All financial data in this […]