Life is about your reaction on situations

How many time have you made a huge problem from something not worth of your attention? If you read this blog that means countless time. We spend too much of time in overthinking what happened instead of working towards new goals. Instead of working for future we live in thought about the past. But past […]


Silence is much better than unnecessary drama

We can have almost everything what we want. But instead of working towards dreams we spend time in unnecessary dramas like stupid fights, regret, overthinking, creating problems from nothing, over complicating life, etc. In moment when you control your emotions and reactions in most situations you will get rid of unnecessary dramas. Thanks, please follow […]

How much time average Facebook user stay online

According to on average users spend 37 minutes per day in Facebook. Let’s do simple math: 37minutes * 365 days = 13505 minutes pet year 13505 minutes : 60 minutes = 225 hours. 225 hours : 24 = 9.4 days per year. Just think average Facebook user spend almost 10 days per year in […]

I’ve deleted Facebook account and you should too

I used to be available 24/7 for all fake and unknown people in friends list. I did not understand from where I got so much anxiety and how many hours I’ve spend while browsing unknown users profiles. I’ve been active user of Facebook since 2011 and I’ve got too much of attachment to it. From […]

My friends circle decreased in size but improved in quality.

I used to have many friends. Now my circle decreased in size but improved in value. It’s always better to give a time to family and loved one than to mediocre fake friends. I understood that I have to sacrifice all fake friends in order to find one real friend. Guess what? I have the […]

If u want to fly with eagles, u have to stop swimming with ducks.

In life it’s always better to move ahead without regret about people whom you left behind. I know that it sounds cruel but it’s impossible to surround yourself by the same friends and coworkers when you progress in life faster than they. We change and our surrounding people should change too. P. S. I’m not […]

Self doubts it’s the waste of time

Nothing could be as useless as doubts. It destroy self belief as well as it kills the future. When baby is born there’s no doubts in his/her mind. Doubts appear as a result of constant self comparison to everyone around. There’s always will be more successful people in your age but you have to compare […]

Never give up

Here I should write some inspiring article but this quote says more than enough. Never stop achieving but change your goals according to the situation. Please follow my blog 🙂

Travel gives you wings!

Travel gives you wings (aka “Redbull gives you wings”). Many people prefer to save save save money for “rainy days” but life have to be on bright side. If you always wait for bad days to come than it will be your reality. I’ve been told many times that travel is the waste of time […]

Only 4 days workweek. Should you try?

How many days per week should you work? In most cases it’s 6 days, if you are lucky enough it’s 5 days. But what about new trend of 4 working days? Let’s take a look into this new trend. I’ve been working 9 hours per day, 6 days per week and it was disaster. There […]

Is there limit to personal financial growth?

Is there limit to financial growth? Definitely no. But is it healthy to you always trying to achieve more, more and more? Sometimes it’s better to limit own financial growth in order to get time for family and life. Financial growth presented as unlimited process. If you want more growth than you should work more. […]

Our believes shape our future

Our believes shape our future. If we believe that everything gonna be great, than it will be. If we believe that bad situations is our future, than it will be. It’s not new statement but absolutely true. We are okay to spend hours in bad mood because of some worthless situation. For example there’s 86400 […]

Why people show off?

As humans, we want to look impressive. In most cases not for ourselves, but for others. We are addicted to others opinion. Why? Let’s try to understand together. Everything starts from the need of attention: Since a baby is born, he/she will seek attention constantly. While growing up most kids are compared to other’s more […]

When minimalism became obsession

Minimalism it’s not about counting items which you own, it’s about reason & motivation. Why did you decide to own less? There’s always reason behind. Maybe you want to save money and stop useless shopping, maybe you want to spend less time for home cleaning, maybe you want to travel. For everyone minimalism looks different. […]

Digital minimalism

Digital minimalism in the age of distractions gaining popularity. It’s not only fancy words, it’s lifestyle. Main idea is to cut down on technological destructions and retake control on online life. Phones and social media designed to keep us browsing as long as possible and as frequent as possible. What’s first thing we do on […]