The real situation in Indian economy

Yesterday I had an argument with an influential business person, who blames market, government, fiscal policy for decline in the economy. I write this article to explain layman point of view, how greed for more profit & margin is main reason for growth slowdown. Income tax revenue India’s Gross tax revenue for the 2018-19 period […]


You get what you work for

Big goals is easy to reach only if small steps done every day. It’s like in a old joke How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece. Similarly it’s make a sense to divide big task into many small tasks. Big goals seems unachievable until it’s broken into small pieces and written down in daily […]

Shared workspace business by WeWork

Another loss making Unicorn company goes public. Main idea behind business is to make profit for owners & investors. If company is loss making for almost a decade it means that investors will plea for IPO. Let’s take a look on The We Company (WeWork). As we all know for initial public offering any company […]

Do NOT wake up at 5 am! Here’s why.

Plead don’t follow advice like “wake up at 5 am and start your day from killing workout”. It’s horrible idea. Let me explain why. Entire industry build on making people believe that 5am (even 4 am) wake up time will make you rich and successful faster. If you are not productive when wake up at […]