Every day make small steps towards your dream.

Simple strategy, easy to execute. It based on Atomic Habits book: improve yourself just 1% daily and in one year you will improve yourself 37 times. Thanks, subscribe to my blog for more. Advertisements


Dopamine fasting. Here’s details.

Dopamine fasting is the latest wellness trend that based on excluding any experience that brings pleasure for one day. Why would anyone do it? Because we are hooked on dopamine rush: social media (likes, comments, follows), news (definitely not about unicorns), TV (yeah, people still watch TV), video games, drugs, junk food, skipping exercise, shopping, […]

Success is a series of small victories.

When I see successful person I rarely see how much effort done to achieve success. But when others see my success as something easy I feel irritated because they don’t know how much I worked to achieve it. Success does not come overnight. Overnight might happen the main victory in achieving main goal. Because success […]

Why people show off?

As humans, we want to look impressive. In most cases not for ourselves, but for others. We are addicted to others opinion. Why? Let’s try to understand together. Everything starts from the need of attention: Since a baby is born, he/she will seek attention constantly. While growing up most kids are compared to other’s more […]

How to follow personal budget?

How often do you actually stick to budget? Most probably not often but every time promise yourself to spend less next month. Traditional financial education preach about strict budget as a way to achieve financial satisfaction. But in real life counting of every cent spend create guilty feeling. My personal approach to family budget: Keep […]