Женщине, позволяющей мужчине любить себя, требуется выдержка

Все женщины стремятся к тому, чтобы любить и быть любимыми. Кстати, мужчины мечтают о том же. Но в реальной жизни такие совпадения, когда один для другого являются центром Вселенной, довольно редкие. Женщине, позволяющей мужчине любить себя, требуется выдержка, чтобы не смотреть по сторонам. Играть роль на сцене легче, чем в жизни. Ведь в таких случаях […]


How to avoid divorce during quarantine?

Quarantine… I’m bored with myself… I’m bored with my husband… I wished to spend more time together with husband. Now my dreams came true. 24/7 together for past 3 weeks. Here’s my advices how to survive the quarantine without big conflicts: Your partner is not perfect. So, don’t expect him/her to act in the most […]

Priorities of life

We life in fast paced life and sometimes forget what’s important truly for us. For everyone priorities look different but most of the time include 6 main spheres of humans life: Profession then generate income and hobby for soul. Family. Health. Social life. Self development. Interesting and fulfilling life. This list looks quite simple but […]

My New Year bucket list.

I used to believe that shopping will make me happy. Yes, I was happy for some short period of time. But in long run I felt empty. Than I read that money should be spend to acquire memories. This was game changing moment. I spent more than I ever thought I could spend on buying […]

Life is about your reaction on situations

How many time have you made a huge problem from something not worth of your attention? If you read this blog that means countless time. We spend too much of time in overthinking what happened instead of working towards new goals. Instead of working for future we live in thought about the past. But past […]

Silence is much better than unnecessary drama

We can have almost everything what we want. But instead of working towards dreams we spend time in unnecessary dramas like stupid fights, regret, overthinking, creating problems from nothing, over complicating life, etc. In moment when you control your emotions and reactions in most situations you will get rid of unnecessary dramas. Thanks, please follow […]

Wealth migration and best countries for relocation

Wealthy people learned how to protect their wealth. Different strategies used but main one is relocation to safer place. (financially, personally, religiously) Global wealth migration is not new practice but now more common. Classification by net worth: Mass affluent: $100.000 – $1.000.000. Millionaire (high net worth individuals): more than $1.000.000. Multi-millionaire: more than $10.000.000. Billionaires: […]