You are doing the best you can.

Success looks differently for everyone. Make sure that you judge yourself by how far you have reached and not by how cool you look in others eyes. Thanks, please follow my blog. Advertisements


The Diderot effect

We want things we don’t need. As result we buy things we don’t need. It’s called The Diderot effect (famous French philosopher). Denis Diderot spend his entire life in poverty and only when he was 52 years old he got money from Catherine the Great (the Empress of Russian Empire) for sale of his library […]

The feedback loop from hell

How often do you feel that you are worried about worrying about what’s going to happen? Situation is not yet happened but you worry. What about feeling nervous about being nervous? This is mostly female problem. But what about feeling guilty about being guilty? That’s irrational but reality. This phenomenon called the feedback loop from […]

Feminism by Melinda Gates

What feminism means to you? Recently I’ve read about Melinda Gates opinion about feminism (check quote below). Being a feminist means believing that every woman should be able to use her voice and pursue her potential, and that women and man should all work together to take down the barriers and end the biases that […]

Женщине, позволяющей мужчине любить себя, требуется выдержка

Все женщины стремятся к тому, чтобы любить и быть любимыми. Кстати, мужчины мечтают о том же. Но в реальной жизни такие совпадения, когда один для другого являются центром Вселенной, довольно редкие. Женщине, позволяющей мужчине любить себя, требуется выдержка, чтобы не смотреть по сторонам. Играть роль на сцене легче, чем в жизни. Ведь в таких случаях […]

Who u r is defined by what u r willing to struggle for

Self-improvement and success mostly occur together but it doesn’t mean they are the same things. Some people focus too much on improving themselves that they don’t see how they burnt out (situation when everything loose it’s meaning and don’t spark any joy). Self-improvement is necessary until it’s based on realistic expectations. But our culture is […]

Priorities of life

We life in fast paced life and sometimes forget what’s important truly for us. For everyone priorities look different but most of the time include 6 main spheres of humans life: Profession then generate income and hobby for soul. Family. Health. Social life. Self development. Interesting and fulfilling life. This list looks quite simple but […]

Number 1 rule in life

It’s so hard to change yourself and do not worry what other think about you. Since childhood we are depending on other’s opinion. And in result we learn to suppress own opinion and action because it may make someone unhappy. In my believe that the best rule in life should sound “F*ck what they think”. […]