What is market capitalisation?

Company’s market capitalisation (market cap) represents value of publicly traded outstanding shares ☓ share price. It’s easier than you think. Here’s a few examples. Market capitalisation is a game where buyers (investors) believe that company shares will cost more in future. If prediction is right then decent profits could be made. But when prediction is […]


Microsoft closed all physical stores

A few days ago Microsoft Corp announced about new approach to retail business. Total 83 of Microsoft Store physical locations will be closed and company will be focused on it’s digital storefronts. Because of this news , shares of Microsoft fell 2% and it will result in pre-tax charge of approximately $450 million (primarily asset […]

Global e-commerce sales growth in 2020

Online shopping? Yes, please! I can’t imagine my life without Amazon & Flipkart. But I remember those days when I was not aware of online shopping. It was in my small town in Ukraine. In used to believe that online shopping is not reliable until I first time received parcel from e-commerce giant. After global […]

How to measure current global uncertainty?

Global economic policy uncertainty at record high , since index to measure it created in 2005. I think we all know that covid19 triggered global recession and economic situation became major challenge for policymakers. But there’s plenty of other global problems that are not in limelight. On chart presented Global, European and US graph that […]

Franklin Templeton wind-up 6 debt funds. Why?

The important decision by Franklin Templeton to wind-up 6 yield oriented debt funds has changed Indian mutual funds industry. On April 23 announced decision to wind-up six debt schemes because of strong redemption pressure during the lockdown and quarantine. On April 20, 2020 grand total corpus stands on 26,779 Cr. In last 1.5 year six […]

Oversupply of jet fuel

According to Bloomberg report only 20% (about 50 million barrels) of land storage for jet fuel is available. This is a result of grounded planes in many countries because of coronavirus pandemic. A few main oil production countries created demand and supply disbalance. Demand and supply of jet fuel used to be balanced until flights […]

How to fulfill tasks fast?

That’s amazing question but I don’t have answer on it 🙂 For everyone it’s different. For me it’s self motivation and help of personal assistant (she arrange home, clean and make sure that home is enough good for living). But most of people prefer to do everything by themselves. What’s in result? Tasks pending for […]

Proposed wealth tax in US

Recently I came across Letter in support of wealth tax (US, June 2019). Here’s key surprising points: Moderate wealth tax on fortunes of 1/10 of the richest 1% of Americans. Proposed to apply 2 cent tax on the dollar on assets for $50+ million. Proposed to apply 3 cent on the dollar on assets more […]

What’s inside the purse? (guest article)

Psychological reason for using bag is first reason for women. Women always carry something in hands. If hands empty than she feels like something important is missing. Also we should not forget that handbag at work will be different from evening clutch or from handbag of new mom with baby. What’s inside the handbag even […]

The real situation in Indian economy

Yesterday I had an argument with an influential business person, who blames market, government, fiscal policy for decline in the economy. I write this article to explain layman point of view, how greed for more profit & margin is main reason for growth slowdown. Income tax revenue India’s Gross tax revenue for the 2018-19 period […]

Why Forever 21 filed bankruptcy ?

Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy by using Chapter 11 US Bankruptcy Code. This means that company will continue to operate while paying back outstanding to creditors. Also nonprofits shops & units to be closed. Company recently raised money from JP Morgan Chase $275 million and from TPG Sixth Street Avenue $75 million. Money raised in […]

International Coffee Day

I love coffee, coffee loves me, we can’t live without each other. What could be better than cup of freshly bereaved coffee? Only cup of coffee in international coffee day: 1 of October. In 2015 International Coffee Organization launched celebration of coffee day worldwide. International coffee day it’s not only about drinking aromatic coffee, it’s […]

How to reduce carbon footprint

It’s your responsibility to reduce carbon footprint. Here’s a simple steps to reduce carbon footprint: Be smart with grocery shopping. Plan what you buy and avoid bulk purchases .There’s many tricks to make customers spend more money and buy useless items: buy 2 get 1, only today 20% off, buy 1 kg and get 200 […]

Shared workspace business by WeWork

Another loss making Unicorn company goes public. Main idea behind business is to make profit for owners & investors. If company is loss making for almost a decade it means that investors will plea for IPO. Let’s take a look on The We Company (WeWork). As we all know for initial public offering any company […]

Women’s education for women’s empowerment

When females are less educated that creates men’s society (aka “this is the men’s world”). Men were taking advantage of this situation for centuries. Even now in 2019 research data shown that: Women studied fewer years in school. Fewer females study in the universities (colleges). Fewer females are studying math, chemistry, IT, physics, etc. In […]

How digital publishers make money?

In digital age digital publishing makes sense. Companies try to make money on online readers. Here’s how online magazines make money in digital age. Digital publishers may have or may not have printed editions. In printed magazines it’s clear how they earn. For digital publishers it’s more complicated: Subscription. Membership. Lead generation. Advertisements (web banner, […]

Why people walk faster in cities?

Walking speed depends on size of city where you live. As bigger city, as faster you will walk. According to research conducted in 31 cities across the world, fastest speed of walk in Singapore (6.15 km per hour), Copenhagen (6.5 km per hour), Madrid (6.5 km per hour), Guangzhou (6 km per hour) and Dublin […]