What is secured credit cards?

Secured credit cards popular among customers with bad credit score. It could be useful tool to build or rebuild credit score but it takes long time. It’s popular to use credit card in developed countries but it’s not always easy to get unsecured credit card. Financial institutions which issue credit cards require issuance from customer […]


Uber business model and IPO

Uber recently became public company, which led to questions on their business model, huge debts etc. I’ve decided to read report filed with United States Securities and Exchange Commission (Form S-1,Registration Statement). That’s long report with same information repeated over and over again. Here’s key takeaways. Uber is technological company with on-demand service. Everything started […]

What material is used to print money?

Paper notes now replaced by polymer notes to make it durable. Here’s a few examples (not easy to find banknotes composition) from what banknotes made: 1) US dollar. Due to Bureau of Engraving and Printing US dollar composition: 75% cotton, 25% linen. Dollar bills durable, needed 4000 fold & unfold to tear note. Currency security […]