Miracles happen outside of your comfort zone

We enjoy the comfort of comfort zone. But miracles happens outside of comfort zone. Explore & risk more. The reward will be life-changing. Thanks, please follow my blog and share thought in comments section. Advertisements


The fear that you don’t face become your limitation

Mind full of fears = mind full of limits. Since we were small, parents and other society members plant fears in baby’s fearless mind. In result baby grow with limitations in action and prefer to dream than to work towards dreams. And society need fearful members in order to rule their life for own financial […]

The hustle is the only controllable pillar of your success

So far it’s the hardest blog post ever because of fiver. I did not plan ahead blog posts (I know that it’s a big mistake) and I should be more thoughtful & responsible. But I’ve learned on my mistake. Thanks. Please follow my blog and share tips how to plan blog posts in advance.

Results: one month of everyday posting

Today by this blog post I’ve completed one month of posting every day. From start my small goal looked impossible, but now I’m proud of myself that I’ve completed the task. Hardest part was controlling myself do not miss even a single day of blog posting. Here a little statistics from one month of everyday […]

Perfect time to wake up every morning with a purpose

Every morning you decide what you do: alarm snooze button or wake up and make your dreams come true. I know that it sounds like a cliche but it’s 100% truth. Wake up time depends on your schedule and there’s no miracly the best time to wake up. Most of motivation gurus tell that early […]

Be brave enough to be bad at something new

We afraid failures, also we afraid of being bad at something new. This feeling stop from achieving goals because it limit own believe of self greatness. When I started my blog I was afraid to write because of grammar mistakes (I’m not a navite speaker). I felt that no one will read my blog after […]

No motivation needed to achieve goal? Here’s why.

We wait for the perfect moment to start life changing activities. Why? Because we know that that perfect moment will not happen and we will not need to work towards goal. Our goals have to be a result of our view on life. But in most cases family, friends, loved one influence on which idea […]

There’s nothing more boring that perfection

Perfectionism is the way to waste time in imperfect world. Also it’s boring. Most of people will tell that perfection brings order in life. But…we enjoy spontaneous moments the most, we enjoy imperfections of the loved one, we enjoy imperfect characters in unconditional love… Don’t search for perfection because finished task on time is more […]