No motivation needed to achieve goal? Here’s why.

We wait for the perfect moment to start life changing activities. Why? Because we know that that perfect moment will not happen and we will not need to work towards goal. Our goals have to be a result of our view on life. But in most cases family, friends, loved one influence on which idea […]


How to brake big goal into small tasks

Big goals overwhelming us. It seems unreachable. It seems that only selected talented humans can fulfill impossible. But let’s take a look how to break big goal into small & manageable & achievable pieces. In most cases it’s called micro productivity but I prefer to describe it by old joke “How to eat an elephant? […]

You get what you work for

Big goals is easy to reach only if small steps done every day. It’s like in a old joke How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece. Similarly it’s make a sense to divide big task into many small tasks. Big goals seems unachievable until it’s broken into small pieces and written down in daily […]