We tolerate other’s bullsh*it. Here’s why.

Have you ever wonder why you stick with people whom u hate (dislike at least)? That’s because we are to be nice to everyone. We do not upset people. We tolerate other’s bullsh*it. What’s in result? We’re constantly irritated by people who should be left in past long time ago. Remember, people will treat you […]


Money can buy happiness

I used to believe in exactly opposite phrase “money can’t buy happiness”. But wisdom come with age and I find out that most of my problems (like 99%) could be solved by spending money on it. So now I’m more concentrated to pick up set of skills to earn more and solve problems in monetary […]

Facebook Inc diversification strategy.

How much Facebook Inc share could cost? Currently price per share in $232 per share. But recently Goldman Sachs increased expected share price to $250 per share. Here’s why? Facebook Inc is a giant company that stores users’ private and public data. As we all know “data is a new gold”. Facebook knows about users […]

Global e-commerce sales growth in 2020

Online shopping? Yes, please! I can’t imagine my life without Amazon & Flipkart. But I remember those days when I was not aware of online shopping. It was in my small town in Ukraine. In used to believe that online shopping is not reliable until I first time received parcel from e-commerce giant. After global […]

Projected GDP growth of India

According to S&P global rating economy of India will shrink 5% in current fiscal year, despite economic stimulus package announced by government. All sectors of Indian economy affected and 1.2% of direct stimulus package will not be enough to ensure GDP growth in current year. Another 8.8% of the stimulus package gonna provide liquidity support […]

Instagram popularity reduced. Here’s why?

I used to be obsessed with Instagram. But not anymore. Here’s top reasons why Instagram popularity dropped significantly over last two years. Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, customers preferences changed. But Instagram now more like an add on platform for influencers to post sponsored images. Feels like almost all feed is […]

How to measure current global uncertainty?

Global economic policy uncertainty at record high , since index to measure it created in 2005. I think we all know that covid19 triggered global recession and economic situation became major challenge for policymakers. But there’s plenty of other global problems that are not in limelight. On chart presented Global, European and US graph that […]

Li-Fi faster than Wi-Fi. Here’s why.

Have you ever heard about Li-Fi? Heres details about alternative technology to widely used Wi-Fi. Li-Fi stands for light fidelity and provide high speed bi-directional network by using light. In Li-Fi technology used LED bulbs (semiconductor device). The brightness of LED bulbs can be changed in extremely high speed, this allows to send a signal […]

Forbes magazine dropped out Kylie Jenner from The Billionaire List.

Forbes magazine removed Kylie Jenner from the Billionaire List. Maybe title “self-made” also should be removed? After Forbes announcement shares of Coty Inc dropped 13% to $3.68 per share. Last year Coty Inc purchased 51% stake in Kylie’s Beauty Company with $1.2 billion valuation. But last Friday everything changed. Forbes magazine claimed that Kylie Jenner […]

Once I reach my goal, then I’ll be happy

Common phrase that makes people feel miserable after they achieve their goals. This believe is based on postponed happiness. I used to believe in this too. I used to work towards my dreams and I used to ignore burnout. Result? Totally unhappy even after biggest achievements. What to do? Feel free to enjoy every moment […]

Maximalism or heaven for hoarders

I’m trying to be minimalist. But there’s opposite available. The movement called maximalism. The main idea behind it is “more is more” which is exactly opposite to “less is more” for minimalism. Maximalism represented by bright colors, not practical design, excessive useless decorations, mix of textures, mix of styles, etc. It’s like all in one. […]

Clap for your damn self.

You should celebrate your achievements but without notifying all world about it. Try not to share everything in social media (even in LinkedIn) because heaters gonna hate. Oh, let’s not forget about jealousy. Even friends and family members will be jealous in some situations. Thanks. Please subscribe to my blog.

The Elite Trillion Dollar Club

The trillion dollar club stands for companies with market cap at least $1 trillion in some point of time. This exclusive group have 3 similarities in common: $1 trillion market cap, USA based and all part of technology sector. As you may guess already that only a few companies qualified to be in the trillion […]

Можно ли доверять тайны друзьям?

Очень часто люди говорят не то, о чём думают, используют разные способы, чтобы скрыть свои истинные намерения. Таким образом человек не позволяет другим прочесть себя как открытую книгу. Такое поведение жизненно необходимо. Если быть слишком простым и слишком открытым, то становимся незащищёнными перед другими людьми, человека можно легко использовать. Благодаря скрытности часто удаётся подняться на […]

How covid-19 changed the way we shop

Covid19 pandemic changed the way we shop and left long lasting effect on retail industry. During the lockdown period demand for clothing, shoes, accessories drastically changed. As people stayed at home they did not need so much shopping (shopping places also was closed as well as home delivery). Let’s take a look on impact on […]