The hustle is the only controllable pillar of your success

So far it’s the hardest blog post ever because of fiver. I did not plan ahead blog posts (I know that it’s a big mistake) and I should be more thoughtful & responsible. But I’ve learned on my mistake. Thanks. Please follow my blog and share tips how to plan blog posts in advance. Advertisements


What consumes your mind that controls your life

Absolutely true statement. Our life depends on what we think. If mind flooded by negative (repetative) thought than good things will not come into life. I’ve met a few people so far who’s suffered from depression and lived with repetitive negative though in mind. And that scary. Negative thoughts influence on brain condition, hormones, mental […]

Micro productivity concept

Micro productivity is a life changing strategy of fulfilling small task every day for preselected time period. It’s not a new concept but rarely anyone stick to it. Why? Let’s find out. Productivity goes against of laziness and we love to be lazy. There’s nothing bad in occasional laziness but it stops us from achieving […]

Should I work while I’m on vacation?

We work too much even while on vacation. Precious vocation time should not be used for work. Vacation is only for memory creation and to enjoy the life in the most crazy way. So, I’m on my long awaited vocation with parents. I’ll be back in one week, full of energy and desire to write […]

No inspiration for new blog post? It’s easy to fix!

Most of the time creative writing is extremely pleasant experience but occasionally nothing written is worth of publishing. I faced this problem. For a few weeks I’ve been struggling to write meaningful blog post which will add value in my readers life. Best way to deal with lack of ideas is to take a few […]