Forbes magazine dropped out Kylie Jenner from The Billionaire List.

Forbes magazine removed Kylie Jenner from the Billionaire List. Maybe title “self-made” also should be removed? After Forbes announcement shares of Coty Inc dropped 13% to $3.68 per share. Last year Coty Inc purchased 51% stake in Kylie’s Beauty Company with $1.2 billion valuation. But last Friday everything changed. Forbes magazine claimed that Kylie Jenner […]


Just “BOSS” is fine

Why word “BOSS” used exclusively for male counterparts? And when female is boss than always added some extra word (like “lady boss”)? In male dominated society females must work harder to achieve BOSS status. After the boss status achieved it’s time to be proud of yourself because your work as valuable as male counterpart work. […]

Top 10 countries by number of billionaires

Data about number of billionaires varies from source to source. According to Wikipedia top 10 countries by number of billionaires: United States 585 billionaires. China 476 billionaires. India 131 billionaires. Germany 114 billionaires. Russia 96 billionaires. Hong Kong 67 billionaires. United Kingdom 64 billionaires. Brazil 43 billionaires. Italy 42 billionaires. Canada 38 billionaires. According to […]