e=mc² (energy=milk × coffee²)

Such a new approach to physics law. In traditional way anything having mas has an equivalent amount of energy and vise versa. As a coffee lover I can tell that new approach totally make sense for me Thanks, please follow my blog. Advertisements


Vegan milk

A few days ago I wrote about vegan flora based proteins (whey and casein) that are identical to cow’s milk proteins. Here’s my YouTube video about the same topic. Hopeful you will like it. Thanks, please follow my blog and YouTube channel.

Privacy is power.

I used to share my personal photos in social media just because everyone else was doing it. After that I was checking number of likes under each picture. If number of likes was low I’ve deleted the image because I didn’t get enough appreciation (I mean likes). Because of this I developed anxiety. I constantly […]

Money can buy happiness.

Money can’t buy happiness, but I’d rather cry on 35.000 feet high. I’ve heard so many times than money don’t buy happiness that I was believing in it. But for money I can buy flight tickets and meet people who makes me the happiest person in the world. Thanks, please follow my blog.