We become victims to own success.

For different people the same things feel different. For homeless person extra 10k dollars per year will be life changing sum. For upper-class income person extra 10k per year will give little extra value.  We try to achieve more, own more, collect more, be more. Also we have too many ways to figure out that […]


Who u r is defined by what u r willing to struggle for

Self-improvement and success mostly occur together but it doesn’t mean they are the same things. Some people focus too much on improving themselves that they don’t see how they burnt out (situation when everything loose it’s meaning and don’t spark any joy). Self-improvement is necessary until it’s based on realistic expectations. But our culture is […]

How to stop waiting for right moment

What do you know about the concept of “waiting for the right moment”? I think you got many advices like this. You make right moment by your action and you should not schedule your life achievements for later (later moment may not come). There’s a few simple ways how to get things done fast: If […]

Own less. Live better.

There’s no need to clutter your life because as more you own as more you clean. I’ve got rid of almost all things in home that I don’t use or I don’t need. But I love fashion and still own too much of clothing. But that’s spark joy, I’ve kept it. Thanks, please follow my […]

European countries with lions on flag

Have you ever noticed that Europe is full of lions? Sculptures, heads, paintings, countries flags, mythology, writings, etc. I never thought about this while living in East Europe. I never even question why is there so many lions if there’s no real lions on territory of Europe. On territory of Europe lions used to be […]

You have shorter attention span that goldfish

Motivational quotes, life quotes, news headlines, small pieces of information in social media…. Everyone is bombarded by incomplete information but almost everyone consider themselves as a knowledgeable person. In last 50 years attention span reduced a few time. Psychologists created entire writing strategy how to insure that your readers read at least a few sentences. […]

Self-made, self educated, self paid.

By biggest fear used to be that if my small business fail I’ll need to get job in some company. That was my biggest motivation. I was not willing to work for someone, I wanted to build my own financial empire. Now, 10 years later, I have no regret that I straggled and continued to […]

Physical clutter creates mental clutter.

How many items do you own? How many items do you use? Difference will be huge. We own more than we use. Also we own more than we actually need. That seems like we are fine with living in cluttered places. Genius marketing and sale strategies created believe that we need to own countless belongings. […]