Who need all this craze about corona virus?

All this craze about new corona virus look so suspicious. Global markets experienced the biggest fall (most probably correction) since 2008. Stock markets overreacted on corona virus news and possible global pandemic. Every year from flu dies a lot of people but there’s no panic because it considered normal. According to World Health Organization every […]


The modern face of fraud

Fraudsters discovered an enormous financial value in customers accounts. That who seek illegal profits involved and adopted (sometimes created new ways) various fraud tactics. This article based on study done by Source Media Research & Payment Source, on behalf of Accertify Inc (wholly owned subsidiary of American Express). For a few decades credit card fraud […]

Shopping malls in India as a successful business.

Shopping centers in India is a successful business model. This article is based on the report: ‘TCCx: Redefining the future of Retail Malls – The Interplay of Technology, Capital & Customer Xperience’. Citizens adapted fast to changing retail and habituated to clean malls with air conditioning and parking. Shopping in India is a popular time […]

European countries with lions on flag

Have you ever noticed that Europe is full of lions? Sculptures, heads, paintings, countries flags, mythology, writings, etc. I never thought about this while living in East Europe. I never even question why is there so many lions if there’s no real lions on territory of Europe. On territory of Europe lions used to be […]

Google company profile, Alphabet 10K report 2019.

Alphabet is a conglomerate of companies. The largest one and most known is Google . Which was created not as a conventional company and not intended to become one. All non-Google businesses collectively reported as Other Bets (Access, Calico, CapitalG, GV, Verily, Waymo, etc). Google is the only one discloses financials publicly. None of other […]

My Couchsurfing experience

I used to be active host on Couchsurfing and a few times stayed in other countries in someone’s homes. As I had perfect rating I was bombarded by personal messages from people who wanted free stay. It was cool until I got bored from it. There’s different travelers and most of them was nice & […]

Hypnosis for traders scam

Recently I came across “Hypnosis for traders” and was surprised that it’s even exist. There’s plenty of modern day psychologists (real and fake) that sell lie in form of hypnosis for traders. Fake gurus claim that by a few session of hypnosis right mindset of successful trader could be achieved (no guarantees whatsoever). Limiting believes […]

You have shorter attention span that goldfish

Motivational quotes, life quotes, news headlines, small pieces of information in social media…. Everyone is bombarded by incomplete information but almost everyone consider themselves as a knowledgeable person. In last 50 years attention span reduced a few time. Psychologists created entire writing strategy how to insure that your readers read at least a few sentences. […]