Franklin Templeton wind-up 6 debt funds. Why?

The important decision by Franklin Templeton to wind-up 6 yield oriented debt funds has changed Indian mutual funds industry. On April 23 announced decision to wind-up six debt schemes because of strong redemption pressure during the lockdown and quarantine. On April 20, 2020 grand total corpus stands on 26,779 Cr. In last 1.5 year six […]


Gold demand in rural/urban India

Article is based on “Retail gold insights: India Investment” by World Gold Council. In India love for gold is legendary. Gold used in religious needs, jewelry, coins. For better understanding of gold market World Gold Council conducted in-depth survey of more than 2000 retail investors in urban and rural areas. According to the research 61% […]

How to stop procrastination in easy way?

Here’s one simple trick how to reduce procrastination. Set 1 minute timer and do task during this time with full dedication. After 1 minute over, most probably you will continue work on that task because you’re already done the hardest part (the hardest part is it start). This strategy works perfectly. Tty it.

WTI prices $-40 per barrel? It’s reality now.

It was historical day yesterday. Prices of benchmark US WTI (West Texas Intermediate) May future contracts (NYMEX) first time in history turned negative and went as low as $-40.3 per barrel. June WTI futures traded around $16 per barrel (based on expectations that global oil demand will be available in June). This is ridiculous situation […]

China’s economy after covid-19 pandemic

Chinese economy is the first one hit by covid-19 outbreak. So, Chinese economy is the first one to show signs on recovery. Article is based on document published by National Bureau of Statistics of China (17 April, 2020): GDP of China was 20,650 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2020, a year-on-year decrease of […]

Imposter syndrome in high achieving women

Women are more likely to self-doubt and undermine the capability to achieve success. Women often consider success as “In was the right place at the right time” and occasionally believe that she did not deserve success. Also occasionally women feel that it’s just a matter of time when everyone will find out that her success […]

Влияние COVID-19 на инвестиционные предпочтения владельцев капитала

Мировая экономика переживает структурные изменения на фоне пандемии и начала рецессии в большинстве стран. Влияние карантинных мер безопасности и тотальное снижение потребительской активности негативно скажутся на экономическом росте России. Согласно результатам исследования (“Инвестиционные предпочтения владельцев капитала”), проведённым Центром управления благосостояния и филантропии МШУ СКОЛКОВО, были классифицированы основные инвестиционные предпочтения предпринимателей с портфелем как до $1млн, […]

Imposter syndrome in pictures

Imposter syndrome makes person feel like complete fraud because person believe that did not deserve the success. This psychological phenomenon makes person believe that achievements happened because of luck. There’s 5 major types and their mix: The perfectionist. The expert. The soloist. The superwomen / supermen. The great mind (natural genius). The best way to […]

How to track the global impact of coronavirus on economies

Coronavirus impact on world’s economy is enormous and Bain Macro Trends Group provide updated The Situational Threat Report Index (SITREP). This index is based on combining official data and modeling to evaluate coronavirus effect on global business. Index consist 10 levels (level 0= thread is negligible or has passed, level 10= severe global recessionary conditions […]

No funds for WHO from the US.

President Donald Trump announced that he’s halting finds for WHO(World Health Organization) for mismanagement and covering up the spread of coronavirus. WHO’s program budget financed through a mix of assessed and voluntary contributions. US is the biggest financial contributor to the WHO. On yearly basis US contributes $400-500 million to the WHO. All this situation […]

6 ways how (not) to make money online.

Recently I came across Instagram posts like “6 ways to make money while you sleep” or “use this methods to earn while sleeping”, etc. Here’s my point of view on this bullsh*t. Shopify: Quarantine and lockdown in many countries. This method does not work in current situation. When quarantine and pandemic will be over than […]

Record 6.6 million jobless claims in US

According to US Department of Labour, more than 6.6 million people applied for jobless claims (week ended April 4). This spike in number of jobless claims happened because of number of coronavirus cases sharply grown (around 600,000 cases). This lead to partial shutdown of US economy (as well as many other economics worldwide). I used […]