Recently I came across an interesting quote by Lady Gaga: “Some women choose to follow men, and some choose to follow their dreams.” At first glance the answer is obvious. But after a few minutes of thinking i felt differently.

Young ladies live under tremendous pressure to show that they are worth something more than being average. The pressure only increased over time. So, it’s become obvious that if a young lady wants to build her career and achieve the financial success and stability she must prioritise hustle. This works for some time. But it’s impossible to enjoy your moderately successful life and feel lonely. After a few years weird thought comes. At first it’s like an occasional thought only. Later it’s more like a persistent idea that life should be balanced. And the only way to balance it is to get into a serious relationship.

From the moment when your girlfriends are getting engaged and married, you start to feel that you are missing something. But you still want to hustle. But you want a relationship. This could last for some time until the job stops giving that previous satisfaction. Even money does not make you as happy as it was.

In modern society it’s okay to prioritise the career and chasing your dreams. Until some overly curious aunty asks you: “when you will get married and have kids … your clock is ticking”. Or when the girl who is not as good as you (or at least you want to believe in it) gets married with a well off and loving man.

I’m strictly against early marriages because women need time to figure out what she wants to do in life. Family life has profoundly changed over the past 50 years: women choose to get married later, women are having fewer children, women choose relationships without marriage and the most important thing is that women are choosing to divorce the partner that is not good enough. The privilege to divorce a husband and not to lose social acceptance is crucial.

I understand that my young readers will think that my thoughts are from the previous century (it might be) but relationship is crucially important and hustle will not make you happy in the long run. If you choose your partner wisely, grow together, communicate and believe in a happy future together then you will achieve success in your career too. You will feel more balanced.

Who said that you can’t chase dreams together with your partner? You can. For that you must choose the mature & reliable man.


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