In the last one year my creativity has reduced almost to zero. I don’t write anything creative, I don’t do anything creative. This is not a blog post about me complaining. It’s about the influence of the external things on ability to create.

As you already know, war in my home country is devastating. Even though I don’t live in Ukraine now, I check news every hour and constantly monitor the situation there. Before the start of the active part of the war I was able to write on a regular basis. Now it’s different. I tried to write but I didn’t write anything meaningful to post it. So now I use the stories format all the time.

I know that traumatic experience can change the ability to be creative. But I never felt it. One year ago everything changed. And it’s not a burnout. In order to write something meaningful I need to feel that I have something to share with readers. But I have nothing to share.

If someone faces this situation,I’ll appreciate it if you share the ideas of how to overcome this situation.


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