How often do you feel low after watching Instagram photos and short videos? Everything on Instagram is fake. Here’s my opinion on it.

Instagram (or any other similar content platform) is made to earn big amount of money to shareholders. You, as a customer, are used. It seems hours to write that companies use you, but how else can you explain whey do you have free access to the content? Because companies use you after you get addicted.

Most of users know that their private data is used to generate targeted ads. Because of this you get a free access to that stupid content. What you can see online is fake, beautiful bodies are fake, ideal make-up is fake, perfect relationship is fake, luxury lifestyle is fake, ideal life is not that ideal. Because of unrealistic expectations from followers, influencers and wannabes present the perfect image.

Most of followers prefer to followup with influencers because of own misery (at least own perception about own level of success). Social media (I speak about Instagram predominantly) was designed to keep users to scroll endless timeline many times a day. This became the addiction. Something that makes us feel bad we repeat a few times a day.


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