In this insightful post I want to show main statistics from my WordPress blog for 2021.

I’ve started blog in December 2018 (a few days before the New Year). From start i did not know what I was doing and statistics for 2018 consist of views generated by me and my mom. In 2020 I’ve accepted the one month challenge (write at least 1 blog each day for one month). After one month I continued to make blogpost or stories at least once per day.

I’ve posted for 714 days in a row and proud of this. I try to reach 1000 days of daily blogging.

Monthly statistics for the blog is stable but in 2021 it did not grow as much as I wanted. I didn’t have enough time to write long blogs because I dedicated almost all of my time for learning programming languages. But in 2022 I plan to write longer and more insightful post because I work on my business book.

In 3 years my blog generated 38k views by 27k visitors. In total I made 1040 blog posts. By best daily views was 1063 because one of my post became popular after TV news about the same topic.

I have 737 subscribers (WordPress) and 6 subscribers by email.

I have business account on WordPress but my blog make in total $6 revenue from WordPress ads.

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