I’ve stopped using Google Calendar. Why? When I just started using the digital calendar I was overly excited about it. I used to feel that it was the best tool for productivity.

Approximately after one year of obsessively using the Google Calendar I’ve noticed that I don’t complete all my tasks per day. I was constantly ignoring tasks related notifications.

Last year I purchased the old style paper calendar with dates. That was one of the best purchase I’ve ever made. I feel guilty if there’s leftover tasks available till end of the week. Also marking by yellow marker completed tasks became my favourite thing to do. My productivity increased drastically and I’m unable to ignore tasks.

In my daily planner, I write down all tasks, even the smallest tasks that I’ll forget to do if I don’t write it. I use Google Calendar only for organizing links and online events.

We use digital devices too much and that affected our ability to take notes. We are forgetting how to write by hand on paper. And that’s not good for our brain. One of the biggest benefits of paper planners it’s less exposure to digital distractions. You can’t check the social media feed on paper (I know it sounds stupid, but you are distracted by social media and notifications all the time). Digital calendar notifications desensitized us and made us simply swipe sidewise.

Writing down things can help you to memorize it better. When you write by using pen and paper you experience a deeper sense of connection with what you are writing. At the same time pressing buttons on a keyboard activate fewer areas of the brain and makes us forget it fast. After you write on a piece of paper your to-do list or set of goals, your brain will work overtime to make you pay attention and remember it.

Do you prefer to use digital planner or old style pen and paper?

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