For last 602 days I’ve posted at least one blogpost per day. Here’s key takeaways from my experience.

  • I’ve learnt what is blogger discipline. In order to come up with content everyday I have to have ideas wrote down. Also I search images in advance.
  • Out of 10 blogs, 9 will be in stories format. I have more views on stories format than on regular blogs.
  • Writing gets easier. It’s became a daily habit.
  • When I feel that I have nothing valuable to share in long blog, I write short blog for 150 words.
  • I used to write blogs for 3000-4000 words. Why? I don’t even know. No-one read that long.
  • Readers focus under 4 second. I must capture attention by first 3 lines of blog.
  • My channel growth slowed down significantly because I don’t spend as much time as I used to spend on each blog.
  • I don’t think it’s the best option to post everyday. Content quality could be an issue.
  • But I’ll continue to post everyday because I want to stay on track.

This blogpost is under 200 words. It save my readers time and allow me to deliver the most important only.

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