Last year on September 5 , I decided to start my channel. That was spontaneous decision. On that day I felt the extreme need to have my channel. And I started.

One year later I can share the ups and downs of my journey. When I stared my channel I didn’t know how to code and my first videos was awful. But I accepted the challenge of making the 100 videos. I decided that I will judge my progress and ability to make meaningful videos only after I upload first 100 videos.

I did not expect that I will be able to grow my channel fast, I was realistic. First 1000 views I got after 5 month of my channel. First 1 million views I got in 10 months. In 12 months I got 3,683,504 views so far.

My first 100 subscribers was the hardest. My 200 subscribers was easier. My first 1000 subscribers felt like a reward.

In first year I got 1591 subscribers. For me it’s big achievement. I don’t compare my progress with anyone else progress because I started with zero knowledge in coding.

I’m feel blessed when people enjoy my tutorials and leave comments about this. With new short video format it’s easier to achieve big number of followers. But short videos are not monetizable. And my channel also not monetized because I don’t have enough monetizable hours (400 hours required during one year).

I would be happy to read about your journeys, please write it in comments.


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