How often people tell you that you can’t achieve what you want? Or that you don’t have something (education, money, brains, etc.) that requires for the success? I’ve heard this so many times that. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this too because you clicked on my blog post.

People enjoy the process of judging and pulling you down. Why? Because they feel that you have everything that requires for achieving your dream. Even if that dream is unachievable in this moment. Hates (let’s call them by this word that perfectly suitable for them) gonna hate. Most of the time haters, it’s your closet people (family, spouse, close friends). Because you care about their opinion you empower them to harm your feelings.

Haters feel that you are about to move forward in your life. But wait! If you gonna move ahead, you will leave them behind. This is the main reason behind fake care and phrases “you are nothing”. Here’s a list of phrases that haters use to manipulate you:

  1. “You are a manipulator.” Whoah! They try to manipulate you by making you believe that you are the one who manipulate.
  2. “I just care about you.” Lie! False care! They care only about their own feelings.
  3. “You made me do this!”. This phrase screams word manipulation.
  4. “You will be in danger.” Again, fake care about your safety.
  5. “You don’t have enough talent.” Who are they to judge your talent even?
  6. “You don’t have brains!” That’s mostly for girls.
  7. “You don’t have enough money to try.” Money could be raised if needed.
  8. “You will fail.” Okay, that’s fine.
  9. “You don’t love me (respect us) anymore.” It’s my life and I will live on my terms.
  10. “You are nothing!” There’s no comments about this one.

People who manipulate you know reality well that you are better than they. Also, they know that you will leave them behind. So, don’t wait. Leave them behind now and make your journey easier.


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