For last 587 days I’ve been making at least one blogpost per days. All started from the one month commitment. After I decided 5o complete the one year of every day blogging. Now after 587 days of bloging I can tell that it’s not sustainable in long run. Why? Here’s details.

In blogging quality as well as quantity matter. When I just started my blogging path I was not committed and sometimes could go one week without publishing. But when I was writing I was writing high quality content (at least I thought that it was high quality content).

After I started the blogging challenge I was exited, I was making two blogpost per days without burnout. Last December the WordPress team introduced the stories format. I felt exited because it’s easier to make stories than to come up with blogs everyday. Since December majority of my post was in stories format.

Most of the time stories give me more views than regular blogpost. Because of this 9 out of 10 posts on my website is stories. But my subscribers growth slowed down to approximately 10 subscribers per month.

Blogging everyday became like a routine that doesn’t not feel good. I don’t have the motivation and returns to keep going. But I’ve done so much already that it will be stupid to quit.

Here’s top 10 benefits of everyday blogging:

  1. You will be disciplined. It’s impossible to write everyday without developing the required discipline.
  2. You will study a lot. You cants write if you don’t expose yourself towards new ideas and knowledge.
  3. You will be a better writer. This is especially true if you are not native speaker.
  4. You will be playing a log game. Blogging is the journey that takes time years to pay you back.
  5. You will invest a lot in your self  education. New things will thril you.
  6. You will produce more reusable content for different platforms that will generate more income for you than your blog.
  7. You will became tech-savvy. Blogging require the understanding of HTML and CSS.
  8. You will learn to cope with procrastination. Self sabotage and procrastination are your enemies.
  9. You will open more doors for yourself and will be able to spot new opportunities faster.
  10. You will be proud of your blogging journey. I’ve heard so many times that blogging is easy, but not even a single time from blogger.

That was my top 10 benefits of blogging. Now let’s talk about my top 10 disadvantages of everyday blogging:

  1. Everyday blogging require discipline. It’s about repeating the same things everyday without witnessing fast results.
  2. It will take a lot of time. High quality blogs take hours for research. Please don’t expect 5 minutes blog to generate millions for you. It’s not the 2ay it’s working.
  3. You must become tech-savvy.
  4. Google analytics will be your most used thing.
  5. SEO (search engine optimization) will be in your nightmares. Why? Because it’s like playing a game without knowing the rules. Obviously SEO courses are available but it change everyday.
  6. For first a few years you will spend money on your website without having a decent return.
  7. It’s not easy to quality for Google ads. Please don’t believe this foolish YouTube videos where shown how easy it is to make money online simply by advertising things on your website.
  8. Website security and privacy breaching. Most of the time the website owner is responsible for website getting hacked. It’s more about human error than about the software.
  9. It’s not easy to come up with high quality content.
  10. Some people will write the worst possible comments and will try to destroy your confidence. From start I was getting extremely nervous about negative comments. But after I’ve learnt not to give a f*ck about it. Negative publicity is still publicity.

Blogging is not easy. Be ready for it. But if you do it you will not regret. In life we regret about things that we haven’t done.

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