How often have you heard someone say, ” I don’t have time to clean the house!” I do believe that it’s common phrase. But why? Maybe because too many useless items available at home? But what if you could just get rid of all that clutter? You can! It’s called minimalism. In my opinion, there are two main types of people. Those who want to be free from everything they own, and those whose lives revolve around their possessions. I’m not saying that everyone should live a minimalist lifestyle, but I am saying that we need to start living more mindfully.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and it seems like a good idea to advise to my readers to try it out. Minimalism and simplicity are linked. Simple living has become a popular trend among many people. It’s easy to think of simplicity as something that is easy to do, but it’s actually quite difficult in long run.

We accumulate trash, but consider it as valuable possessions. The hardest part is to get rid of sentimental items and items that you think you might need in future.

I have found that when I find myself with a lot of things, it’s hard to keep them in order and not let them pile up. Everything must have designated space in my house. It’s important to make sure that everything is organized so there are no clutter or unnecessary items. I’ve found that this helps me organize my thoughts and ideas better too. It used to be only physical clutter. But now digital clutter in combination with mental clutter has become more prevalent. I’m trying to remove all the clutter from my life by using a minimalist approach.

Some people take minimalism too far. What’s too much that’s not good. I don’t think you can ever get rid of all the stuff in your life. But you can be intentional about what you bring into your life.

Minimalism should not be a burden. It should not limit your ability to enjoy the things you have. Minimalism is not about saving a lot of money. But rather, it is about making sure you are spending wisely and purchased items will serve you many years. It’s like replacement of quantity by quality.

Since I’ve started my minimalist journey I’ve been thinking more about how I can make this lifestyle work for me. I could not have only black and white outfits, I need colors and patterns. I bought 95% of my outfits in second-hand shops. I was not ready to give up my love for fashion and get rid of things that spark joy in me. But I managed to reduce the number of handbags and shoes. I’ve sold everything from pile called “I’ll wear it in future”. So now I have a lot of clothes, but everything fit me and match the life that I try to achieve. From own experience I know that selling belongings could be stressful, but it drastically cuts the maintenance time. Cleaning could be done much faster and easier than before. I have my domestic helper who comes six times a week, but I still need to spend my time on house maintenance. It is also very easy to clean the house without any problem.

How is your experience with minimalism? How did you feel about it and are you able to own less than you used to? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing and sharing it with others.

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