Wishful thinking takes us to nowhere. Wishful thinking is based on our own assumptions and our own biases. It’s a way of thinking that we don’t really know what we’re doing, or how things are going to work out. It’s the same as believing in the impossible. It’s like day-dreaming.You can’t predict everything, but you can make sure that you utilise your potential. Most of all, you must be willing to accept the possibility that there will be no tomorrow. The only thing that matters is how you live your life today. With wishful thinking you’re just hoping for the best. But it’s always possible to change your mind and shift to get things done instead of wishing it to be done.

The only thing that matters is how you do it. If you want something bad enough, then go for it! I met many people who want to travel the world and experience the best moments of their lifetime. But they have many excuses that they can’t afford to put into action. Instead of traveling and experiencing their best moments they complaint about the lack of money or time.

Or people who do jobs that they hate and can’t find a way to make ends meet. But they are not willing to take risks and try new things. They are wasting life in constant wishful thinking that they will get what they want. But how it’s possible to get what you want if you don’t know what you want or not willing to work smart enough? Dreams will not come true unless you work for it. And I’m sure you can agree with me, because we all have dreams. The reality of life can be very different from our imagination. When we dream, we think about the future and then imagine how cool it will be when we achieve it. But when we actually start working we give up too easy and too fast. And this is why we need to stop dreaming so much because we are not living in a fantasy world. We are living in a real world.

Just think how different your life will be if you start working smart enough and don’t worry about what others think. How different you will be if you complete your entire to do list for the year just in one month … We all know the importance of the to-do-list, but how often do you follow your own to do list? We all know about prioritising and doing the most important tasks in our lives, but how many of us actually do them?

Why do we spend years of your life scrolling endless social media feed to keep up with everyone else’s lives? Their lives are as shity as yours, but they make great effort to show the perfectly curated images of themselves in social media. And what we do? We believe in their lies instead of focusing on improving own life.

No one will come to save you. You must do it yourself. The shift from wishful philosophy to action is a very powerful thing. It can be used to change your perspective on life. It can also be used to change your perspective of others’ lives too. Wishful thinking it’s like a self punishment in which you think that someone else has done something better than you, or worse yet, that they are more brilliant and capable than you. You can develop yourself and became the hero or villain of your own story. Choice is yours and you have the power to make it happen.

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