This is the perfect time for Robinhood co-founders and investors to make big bucks. How? By IPO (initial public offering). Here’s all details.

Robinhood provide high quality service to 30+ million users. During 2020 company generated $959 million in revenue. The S-1 filling provide insight about promoters’ holdings. Recently SEC approved restricted for 8 years stock award to co-founders (22,200,000 for Tenev and 13,320,000 for Bhatt). Each co-founder owns estimated 10% in company.

In early 2021 meme stocks trading restrictions created negative publicity for Vladimir Tenev (trading of meme stocks was suspended).

Current company valuation stands at $40B. But growth expected and per share long term target is $300.

What’s your opinion about Robinhood? Have you ever traded with them?


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One thought on “The Robinhood IPO short review”
  1. I use Robinhood. I’m not a big fan just because of the uncertainty everybody has with the brokerage. I already have all of my money investing in it, however, so I’m going to stick with it for a while.

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