Gamers vs crypto miners? Who should get microchip for PC? That’s the current reality because of global microchip shortage. The most interesting part that there’s also shortage of used GPUs.

During last decade demand for microchip grown faster than its manufacturing. Why? Because cryptocurrency miners require powerful rigs to mine. That created shortage of microchips. Global pandemic put extra pressure on global supply chain.

List of 10 biggest semiconductor manufacturing companies based on their revenue in 2020:

  1. Intel Corp. United States.
  2. Samsung Electronics .South Korea.
  3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Taiwan.
  4. Qualcomm Inc. United States.
  5. Broadcom. United States.
  6. Micron Technology Inc. United States.
  7. Texas Instruments Inc. United States.
  8. ASE Technology Holding Co. Taiwan.
  9. Nvidia Corp. United States.
  10. STMicroelectronics NV. Switzerland.

Different sources will show variations in list of top 10 biggest semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world. High demand for advanced microchips based on their immense computing power that require for crypto mining.

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