There’s unique benefits of using crypto currency, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been around for 11 years and it’s one of the most recognised crypto.

Crypto became a viable payment method as well as investment tool. After start of global pandemic Bitcoin lost in market capitalisation but built back its value. Today it’s on all time high level that’s way above $60,000 per one Bitcoin.

The acceptance of crypto currency increased because it’s stable as well as volatile. This combination provide huge returns on investment that made companies move part of their reserves from $ to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is decentralised and operates on a network of anonymous nodes around the world and following specific protocol for network security. Bitcoin is free from government regulations and censorship. Bitcoin is free from any border limitations. Bitcoin is deflationary in nature with limited coin availability (21 million). Bitcoin facilities peer to peer payments for everyone with internet access. Bitcoin network is open source code that allows developers to improve it. Bitcoin usage is anonymous and pseudonymous. Bitcoin represent freedom.

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