Progress instead of perfection, Does it sound easy?? Ha Ha .. Relax and JUST DO IT! Because it’s easy. But perfectionism will mentally hold your back from the JUST DO IT.

We are unsatisfied because having perfect ideas that we’ve already built in our head. And we keep looking for flaws instead of simply accepting that good enough is enough. Perfectionism leads to time waste and divert attention to pursuing marginal improvements.

Most of the time perfectionism leads to give up things we wanted to do. Because of fear of not achieving the perfection level. Also it’s one the most popular excuse that keep us in the state of pre-action. The state of pre-action keep us away from facing our biggest fear: failure.

In order to overcome the perfectionism addiction more focus must be on progress instead of building imaginary perfection. Perfectionism exist in different forms:

  1. Socially prescribed perfectionism.
  2. Other-oriented perfectionism.
  3. Self-oriented perfectionism.

Each form of perfectionism include hundreds sub categories. Most people feel that imperfect solution aren’t worth pursuing. This bias create false dichotomy that represent bias that things must either be perfect or remain the same.

When we have too many options we fall in trap of The Paradox of Choices. We constantly experience anxiety, stress and overthink decisions that lead to more self-doubt and straight into Feedback Loop from Hell (check The subtle art of not giving a f*ck).

Remember that achieving minimum viable result combined with the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) and giving yourself chance to fail will help with perfectionism.

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