I used to cry a lot when I was young because I didn’t have any common talent. I was horrible in singing, even worse in playing instruments, my dance was so horrible than even on family gatherings no-one asked me to dance. I didn’t study well. And this is only short list in what I was unsuccessful.

Kids mostly good at least in one thing. I wasn’t.

But I had passion for earning money. Now after so many years I understand that my hard & smart work beat everyone’s talent. I’m so much persistent that I overtake talented people in their fields.

In life what you truly want and how long you are ready do not give up will determine your success.

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4 thought on “Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent”
  1. Aw yis. As hackneyed as the saying is, perspiration really does beat inspiration. It’s great that you found your hustle. I have to admit I have to overcome my inner slob every day. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. This is really true. I have people in my life who are talented and also have elephants memory however they don’t convert this into money. Sad .. But I have observed their nature , they are egoistic and stubborn in nature and they don’t listen to good advices too.

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