I receive a lot of requests to advice on stock to buy. Most of the time I ignore all requests because I feel that my advice will do more harm than good. Here’s why.

I started as forex & indexes & stock & commodities trader. In 2018 I decided to dive into Indian stock market. I started from zero because I didn’t even know name of companies (I’m East European). After 3 months of studying I opened my trading account with Zerodha (the best one). I’ve made countless mistakes until I felt enough comfortable to buy/sell more expensive stock.

I started from buying cheap stocks and quickly learn that I can’t make enough money on it. Slowly I build the confidence to buy stocks priced at 2000+. Now I don’t buy penny stocks because there’s a reason why that particular stock priced low. Most people who ask for my advice don’t understand that behind 10rs stock there’s problematic company that didn’t achieve any long lasting financial success.

People think that 200 shares of some 💩 company is better that 1 share of Reliance. So, I stay away from advising and stock trading coaching.

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