Today I’ve completed 100 YouTube videos challenge on my coding channel. When I started my coding channel I decided to judge my progress after I’ll compete 100 videos. I didn’t keep target of 100 code, I’ve kept target 100 videos to keep myself accountable for the result.

First 74 videos got 1-2 views from subscribers and another 2 views from my family members. My channel was not growing at all, it was stuck at 19 subscribers. But on vidoe №75 YouTube algorithm chooses to show it to bigger audience. In a few days channel grown from 19 to 61 followers. I know that my subscribe number is not that high but for me it’s a huge achievement.

When my videos wasn’t getting enough views I was telling myself that it’s not yet my time. Now I feel that my time came. It was one of the biggest and one of the hardest task for me because before I didn’t know even how to write “Hello, World!” in HTML.

I share this story to inspire and don’t give up when no instant results available.

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