For last 7 months I’ve been trying to learn coding. And I understood that YouTube videos “I got my first software developer job after only 6 months of coding” have nothing in common with the reality.

So, coding is not easy. Otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the highest paid job. Also coding is mentally hard to do (countless hours of starring on laptop screen and even more hours spent in search of how to fix bugs). And math in JavaScript is out of this world.

Before I wrote my first “Hello World” piece of code in HTML, I started my coding channel. Yes, I started coding channel before I wrote my first line of code. Why? I wanted to do 100 coding videos because I decided that I’ll judge my success or failure after I complete the challenge (100 uploaded coding videos done by me). So far I made 72 videos. This long term commitment made me feel that I’m in control of my coding career and I can make it happen.

Have you ever commited to such a long term goal? Let me know in comments.

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