I’ve drastically reduced my Instagram usage in last a few months. The reason is simple, their algorithm that changing too often and no details released about it.

I used to have hundreds likes on every my post, but not anymore. Now I get maximum 5 likes and 30 views. When I see this numbers I feel that it’s not worth of my time and effort. I don’t plan to post anything in Instagram anymore, I’ve switched to Reddit (I follow there wide range of subreddits).

I use Instagram to find images for my blog but I don’t promote my blog in Instagram anymore (useless thing to do). Since Instagram moved from chronological feed to all-in-one feed, engagement on posted content fallen sharply. Instagram feels like giant shop with low quality influencers.

Main reasons why I don’t post in Instagram anymore:

On screenshots available totally legal way to bust profile views, reach, website views and more messages in inbox. And pricing also available. User engagement reduced but exact numbers are unknown (somewhere in range from 0.9 to 1.5). Instagram and Facebook work hard to ensure return on investors money and make users believe that they can became influencers & became rich. But that who became rich hold Facebook stock.

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